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Mer Tae Me

Mer Tae Me PSD (Personal Social and Development)


Anti-social behavior and gang violence have been problems blighting the East End for many years, with alcohol, territorialism and drug use being key factors.

FARE’s streetwork team engages with youths that are involved or on the periphery of youth disorder as well as receiving referrals from partner agencies. Once engagement and relationships have been formed the young people take part in the our 15 week programme.

The programme is a closed group that aims to tackle various issues such as knife crime, alcohol/drug, anti social behavior. They look at the short and long term consequences of the young person’s behavior and get them thinking about positive choices they can make.

Conflict resolution features heavily in these workshops as does weekly diversionary activities aimed at showing them other ways to spend their time.

As part of this course, if the group are old enough, FARE will also offer support of CV writing, interview techniques and job searching. They will also be put through a Bronze Youth Achievement award which will also be a positive addition to their CV.

Friday Night “Mer Tae Me” Project

The Friday night ‘Mer Tae Me’ is an integrated project where teenagers from various areas get together at Bannatyne house on a Friday evening.

Throughout the project, the young people are given the chance to be involved in various activities such as arts & crafts, team games, computing and theme nights.

The Friday night ‘Mer Tae Me’ aims to provide young people with alternative provision, a night where the intake of alcohol and antisocial behaviour dramatically rises, and bring them together in a safe and fun environment.