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Legacy Games

FARE continue to run our Legacy Games event for primary 7 pupils. With over 23 schools from across Glasgow taking part and over 1000 young people the Legacy Games is the biggest sporting event FARE run throughout the year and everyone who works at FARE all put a hand in to make the day so successful.

The aim of the day is to bring young people together to get involved in sports, have fun and meet new people whom they may be sharing a class with when they go on to secondary.


In the run-up to the event, our qualified staff will go into each school taking part and run a three-week build-up programme, ensuring each young person has the skills to take part in each event.

With music blaring, kids and adults cheering and dancing, the atmosphere is electric.

There are also over 90 medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze up for grabs and the school that, as a whole, gain the most points will also win our Legacy Games Overall Winners Shield.

The Bob Holman award will also be awarded to the school that shows fair play and who embrace the overall spirit of the games.

Every child will receive a certificate of participation but the main thing is that the young people all have fun.


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