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Flat Pack Meals

Flat Pack Meals (FPM) is a healthy food initiative that aims to address poor diet and food poverty. It does so by selling, in local communities, easy-to-cook, complete meal and soup packs for people to buy and cook in their own homes. By facilitating the cooking of healthy meals with fresh produce from scratch, FPM provides an easy and affordable means to help increase the number of vegetables and fibre into people’s diets. FPM also aim to increase customer’s confidence, motivation, skills, and knowledge with regards cooking and healthy living by providing free training for local people either within a community setting or within an educational establishment.

FARE Flat-pack meals staff and volunteers purchase, prepare and pack the meals each week. They are healthy, filling meals, which feed a family of 4 for just £3, as well as soups for £1.50. The flat-packs contain all necessary ingredients to prepare the meal as well as the recipe.

FARE Flat-pack meals have established relationships with local schools and nurseries. Staff often provide cooking demos to various organisations including Glasgow Kelvin College’s Youth Access programme. This promotes the benefits of healthy eating and assists young people and adults to develop basic cooking and budgeting skills as well as an awareness of healthy, nutritious food.