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Active Play

The Active Play programme is comprised of a 10-week series of one-hour outdoor sessions delivered to primary school children. The programme is delivered by FARE staff in partnership with primary school teachers and combines worker-led games and free play.  The main aim of the sessions is to increase physical activity and physical literacy for all children and to achieve this we ensure that all games are fun, active and inclusive.

The first half of each session is predominantly led by staff and takes a semi-structured approach. During this half of the session the outcomes achieved include enhanced listening skills, improved communication, improved fundamental movements, increased physical activity, improved social skills and an increase in cognitive development.

The second half of each session sees the children take part in free play, which means they get to make their own choices and create their own activities. There is a variety of equipment and learning resources provided so that the children have plenty of choice and this helps give them the freedom to further develop their fundamental movement skills and physical literacy.

At the end of each programme all participants and their parents and carers are brought together for one final play session which is followed by an award ceremony where every young person receives a certificate to recognise and celebrate their had work and participation.

In October we also introduced Hi5 awards into the programme, which is accredited at SCQF Level 2. This allows children to reflect on their learning, set themselves targets and push themselves to achieve personal challenges. Over 120 young people have completed their Hi5 award for Active Play.


Play Champs is an 8-week programme for 10 young people in either P5 or P6 that runs alongside Active play. The Play Champs participate in training aimed at building their skill levels and increasing their confidence so that they can assist teachers in delivering games to their fellow pupils once the Active Play programme comes to an end. The aim is for Play Champs to maintain the legacy of Active Play by promoting fun, active and inclusive games in the playground during lunch times and after school clubs. Over 50 young people have completed their Hi5 award as part of the play champs programme.