Working with Schools

FARE provides Family Liaison Officers and Youth Workers in both Primary & Secondary schools. Below are some videos showcasing our collaboration in action!
Sunnyside P7's, Fire Safety & Consequence

A group of young people from Sunnyside Primary were taught about fire safety & used the medium of film to share their knowledge.

FARE Scotland, Community in Education

Our Family Liaison Officers are based in schools to provide learning opportunities and support services for families, parents & carers.

Oakwood Primary, At a Glance

This project shows the impact of our organisation in a local primary school. Featuring teachers, pupils and parents.

FARE are experts in community development; providing a vital link between your school & local people.
School can be a stressful place for young people; we’re there to listen, support and offer practical advice.
We work closely with young people with attendance rates of 50-70% to explore alternative learning methods.
Providing opportunities for young people and parents to gain and/or further their skills for work.
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We’re passionate about giving young people the tools & skills to act on their passions and ideas. Every school is different and in turn, every young person. Here’s some examples of projects we’ve facilitated throughout our schools.
St Mungos Academy: Geek Club

A club designed entirely by young people as a means of sharing and discussing anything from comics to social media & everything in between. They meet every week and encourage each other to bring positive thoughts and ideas to the table. The FARE staff are delighted with the output and are learning lots from this group!

Oakwood Primary: WW1

The young people applied for a grant to setup a memorial garden to commemorate the Centenary of WW1. This led to an event where over 150 family members & ex-forces came together to witness P7 pupils put on an emotional performance which included poems, songs, dances, stories, music & reflection.

Eastbank Academy: Girls Group

The FARE team noticed certain individuals going through similar issues and so the girls group was born. These sessions allow young females to open up and share their thoughts, feelings and emotions. The girls have reported an increase in positive mental health knowing that both the FARE team & their peers are there to support them.