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Recording Studio

Here at FARE we have a fully functional recording studio/suite which is ideal for solo artists, vocalists and music producers of different genres to use to fulfil their potential. The suite caters for other forms of media and can also be used to edit videos and record voice overs.

We can also teach people to DJ. Within the studio, we have the DJing world’s industry standard equipment which consists of two Pioneer CDJ MK3 CD Decks and a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer.


The studio set up consists of a 24inch IMAC computer with software programmes Logic Pro and Final Cut (two of the best forms of software around and both used across the music & media industries). The sound is captured by professional Studio monitors and MOTU sound card, with a small but practical mixer.


The suite is divided into two sections, one part being the control room and the other has been set up as an ideal singing booth which has a unique professional microphone that has been designed to change the polar pattern settings to cater for different forms of recordings from vocals to guitars.

FARE will soon be starting a new service where you can come in and record your own CD, under the guidance of our trained staff. With a choice of hundreds of backing tracks, this would be the ideal birthday or Christmas present.

For any enquiries, please contact Brian Imrie or 0141 771 9151