Active Play promotes greater physical activity for Scotland’s children in a way that is fun, inclusive and active.

Growth and Development

The course runs to achieve two main outcomes; increase physical activity levels and physical literacy in children throughout Scotland. This approach introduced children to a range of skills and activities that give them the opportunity to choose, explore and enjoy being active through their own self-directed play. This programme has been delivered across mainstream and ASN (Additional Support Needs) schools.

A research team from Inspiring Scotland found that outdoor physical active play is crucial in aiding a child’s mental development; boosting cognitive ability, academic achievement, imagination, creativity and social skills.

Source: Inspiring Scotland Evaluation Summary Source: Inspiring Scotland Evaluation Summary

Play Champs!

FARE have incorporated Play Champs as a spin off from Active Play. This uses the same model but incorporates the teaching of leadership skills and free play. The young people will then use these skills as peer educators to lower primary levels within the school. With these new skills, free play can continue after the programme has come to an end.

Both programmes have been delivered within 11 schools reaching a total of 306 young people; with 269 achieving the Hi5 award (SCQF level 2).


Increased fitness leads to a strong quality of life, stronger bones & heart.


Builds positive social skills. Introduction to new friends.


Improved self-esteem. Reduced anxiety/stress. Improved self confidence.


Improved concentration. Improved academic performance.


95% of young people had fun during Active Play sessions!

Long Term Affect

92% of children play more outside after completing an Active Play course!