FARE Scotland (Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse) is a voluntary organisation working within disadvantaged communities throughout Central Scotland. FARE strive to raise people's aspirations, encourage them to become more involved in their communities, create opportunities for personal development and equip them with the skills required to deal with the demands of 21st century life.

FARE wish to tackle the affects of poverty and its symptoms. Our aim is to encourage people in the communities we serve

to have the vision of a better life.

We have a common goal at FARE which is rooted within our history. Ultimately, we work to transform peoples lives by having a significant and positive impact on the communities we serve. We have expertise in community development, social care, education, welfare state and more. This knowledge allows us to cater for all life stages. Our services are delivered by two operational teams; the FARE Community Team (FCT) & the FARE Personal Development Team (FPDT). They are backed by our financial/admin team who ensure the smooth running of everything we do.

“Our success is due significantly to strong staff teams working towards the same goal; innovative responsive thinking; visionary investors and our local people who take that vital step of faith and engage with us to acquire essential resilience.” –Ian Monteague (Chairperson)

Our Aims

Health & Wellbeing

Improve the communities’ health and wellbeing, by the provision of services to meet their social, emotional and physical needs.

Reduce Poverty

To reduce poverty within communities by meeting people’s employment, educational and training needs; by providing SQA certificated courses and qualifications.


To encourage, support, enable and empower people to be connected to their communities, and to act on their ideas, issues and interests.

Safe Space

To provide a caring, trusting environment, which will bring people together to foster positive community relations.

Employment Opportunity

To increase the number of community members who have the skills to seek, gain and maintain employment on a long term basis.


To be a thriving, sustainable, robust organisation with an ethos rooted deeply in the communities we serve.