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About Us

FARE (Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse) works within communities to improve the lives of children and families living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

We bring together people of all ages to build positive relationships and trust.

Through providing practical support and social and educational activities we strive to raise peoples’ aspirations, equip them with the skills to deal with the day to day demands of 21st century life and to be more actively involved in their communities.



FARE first started in 1989 when a group of local people, totally frustrated by the lack of amenities in their area, decided to get together to ‘enhance the lives of the local people’ through the delivery of services to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of the community.

What began primarily as a youth club with no permanent premises quickly grew arms and legs as the community took ownership and in 1997, were able to lease a tenement block of six flats solely to run services from.

The old FARE premises, taken shortly before demolition in 2014.

The old FARE premises, taken shortly before demolition in 2014.

The community flourished as FARE expanded it’s services, not just for the youth in the area, but the community as a whole. A cafe was set up in the building which quickly became a popular meeting place for many of the locals willing to get involved with FARE.’s services. Many of the older residents will have fond memories of old George who came into the cafe every day and is still to this day, sadly missed.

However, as FARE continued to grow we realised that the space in the flats we occupied just wasn’t big enough and didnt provide what the community required. It had been perfect for the time but now, with over fifty staff and volunteers working across the whole East End of Glasgow, it was time to move on.

Years of fundraising and establishing links with businesses and grant-makers finally paid off and FARE found themselves in a position to move on to bigger and newer premises. It was around this time that Duncan Bannatyne got involved and kindly donated some of the funds towards the new build.

And so, in the summer of 2010, FARE moved into the brand new, purpose-built Bannatyne House. Since then we have established an even stronger identity in the community, and are able to reach a greater number of people by providing more diverse activities catering to their needs.

Bannatyne House - FARE's premises built in 2010.

Bannatyne House – FARE’s premises built in 2010.


Annette Holman & Bob Holman

As we continue to expand, the model of local involvement in the planning and delivery of local services remains at our core.

Many of the Board, staff and volunteers still live locally and continue to build on the work of Bob Holman, Betty McPherson, and the other founding members who all dreamed of making their community a better place to live in.